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QuickBooks restore failed can’t remove log file

Hundreds of time we have talked about in this post that QB is by the most amazing tool you can get to digitalize your accounts. Since the program is made with the snippets of codes as is thus is prone to some technical faults. “QuickBooks restore failed can’t remove log file” is one of the most irritating problems that bug accounting users.

Technical support softwares are though the best kind of tools, but there is sometimes lot of issues reported. That’s why it is always recommended that you keep a full proof backup for your QuicKbooks. Get the bugs fixed, what all is required is that you can get the necessary support.

What is quickbooks restore failed can’t remove log file error?

quickbooks restore failed can't remove log file

If QuickBooks is the thing you need for your support activities then you should be well aware that you will be acquainted with many types of error. These errors include issues like:

  • My QuickBooks is not working, what to do?
  • Quickbooks is not letting me login. Can you offer me a solution.
  • My program is crashing continously, is there a way out, as I have a lot of data within.

All these questions people ask when they are faced with QuickBooks bugs. Though we cannot cover everything but we sure will discuss about why QuickBooks restore file fails.

Well the major reason why it actually happens is when you try to login to your QuickBooks account from a different computer which is also not the host computer then you are face this issue. To fix this very issue you are first required to sign off from your host computer, doing this will then only let you login.

Permanent solution for your QuickBooks error:

Though there is no such thing as permanent solution, all you will need to do is test, what works best for you. If you are able to fix your issue in no time then you will be at your best, but if the error still persist then check for the step by step process:

  1. Login to your QuickBooks account.
  2. If you are using quickbooks in a multi-user format then you would be requested to ask your every user to log off from their account.
  3. Once the account has been logged in from your end then locate the .qbw file.
  4. Once the file is located, simply delete the duplicate file and rename the older file with .qbw_extension.
  5. Now log out from QuickBooks and shut down your computer.
  6. Restart the system, where you want to log in your QuickBooks.
  7. Do the same activity which was earlier giving you “quickbooks restore failed can’t remove log file” error.
  8. If you are able to pass through Quickbooks then you have successfully fixed your error.

In case you still encounter error issues then, you are supposed to connect with Tech support companies.

QuickBooks POS Support

Have you ever thought that you can digitalize all the tracking process for your inventory? People always have the misconception that they can only track virtual goods, but do you know that this is far from the truth. QuickBooks is a kind of platform that is very versatile. It can be easily used in every industry and to record simply anything. QuickBooks pos is one such platform that you can use to record all your stock.  If don’t know how to QuickBooks POS then you can anytime have QuickBooks POS Customer Support.

What is QuickBooks POS?

Check out the video above to make yourself familiar with the program. The video walks you through every aspect of QuickBooks point of sale. Thus if you want to learn the step by step process of how to use QB POS then here is the guide you would need to go through.

How to integrate QuickBooks pos physical inventory tracker with Quickbooks?

If you have used QuickBooks which is also the best accounting platform with your point of sale then your business accounting must have been a lot easier. QuickBooks POS comes bundled with both the hardware and the software. For you to use, you would need to integrate both of them together and this is how you can consume all the information.

QB point of sale becomes all more useful when integrated with QuickBooks itself. This then gives you a whole new potential to import all the information from the tracker to be used with your Books of accounts.

With the program integrated with your POS, you would not only be able to download all the information available with your point of sale but can also do the purchase and sales entries within your Quickbooks accounting platform.

Issues with QuickBooks POS…!

Said many a times that if you are using QuickBooks and you don’t have much of a knowledge for the program then you are bound to face issues. There are certain and very specific kind of errors that people usually complain about. They include:

  • QuickBooks POS invalid input and range check error.
  • Login issues with QuickBooks POS.
  • QuickBooks POS error 176103.
  • A programmatic error within QuickBooks POS.

The points covered above though may seem tedious but they are not that difficult as they may seem. This is why people often get support. If you were need one then you can sure get help at

QuickBooks Canada Contact: Get your much needed support now.

QuickBooks Canada Contact: Get your much needed support now.

QuickBooks, like the software it is today, has done away with your books of accounts. Doing accounts as it was used to perceived long time back has changed all for good. Today with the advancement in technology the program the way of doing accounts has also changed. Today we have programs like QB that takes care of all our accounting needs. And if you are living in Canada then QuickBooks Canada Contact number for quick support is at your help.

Though there are “n” number of platforms already available for people to digitalize their accounts, Quickbooks has a sweet spot. Not only the program is well versed with all accounting standards being taken place within CANADA but has everything to help you go autopilot.

Quickbooks Canada Contact

Though QuickBooks is being used worldwide till now it wasn’t officially being launched in Canada. But very recently the software company announced to establish themselves in the country. And now after one year from the date of announcement Intuit has officially launched their flagship product in Canada. Thus if you ever need support for the program or you demand more info. about the product then do contact their support team in Canada who will be happy to serve you.

Quickbooks introduction in Canada:

If you so far you don’t know anything about Quickbooks then here is little introduction of what Quickbooks is and how you can get started with it all with ease:

Points to note before contacting QuickBooks in Canada:

Though if you are facing QuickBooks issue then you are free to contact QuickBooks support team worldwide. This is because the proadvisors are available throughout states and beyond but we would suggest that if you reside in Canada and looking for support there only then what better way to connect with Quickbooks in Canada.

If you are still wondering how to get in touch with QuickBooks makers then here is the toll-free number you can dial. Their tollfree number for Canada is 1800-940-7442. Dial them any time of the day and they will reply you all instantly. If somehow you are not able to connect with them or the call gets disconnected then they make sure to dial you. Answer the call and get support.

If you have any further queries related to QuickBooks then get in touch with our proadvisors @

Point of Sale QuickBooks Support

Point of Sale QuickBooks Support

Hello to all the QuickBooks users. We welcome you again to one of the best channels where you get the news about how to effectively use accounts.

As already said many a time on this blog that, if you are running an enterprise or a small firm, accounting is crucial to your business. If you are not taking care of your books of accounts then you are not only harming your business but you are also doubtful about your company’s profits and losses.

If you are having a hard time managing your books of accounts and you are even tight on your budget then Quickbooks is the best solution for you. Even more, if you are running a retail business or running a wholesale shop then another version of Quickbooks can be found grateful for your business needs and that is QuickBooks POS.

What is Quickbooks POS…?

It is one wonderful piece of software and hardware that allows you to keep track of all your inventory in one place.

If you don’t know how to work with this platform then you can always get QuickBooks point of sale support at as they are the best in the industry to provide you with all the kind of technical support assistance for your POS supplies.

If you want to download the software, or you are facing issues with your POS or even want day to day help for your program then would be the one-stop solution for your requirements. For any further help, check out this video that will teach you a lot about Quickbooks POS.